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Spiced Date Treats

Equipment: -Chef's Knife -Cutting Board -Blender/ Food Processor -Large Mixing Bowl -Mixing Spoon -Parchment Lined Tray Spiced Date Bite s Prep Time 15-20 minutes  Makes 12-14 bites  1/3c Dates (chopped) 2/3c Almond Flour 2/3c Coconut Flakes 1/3c Pumpkin Seeds 1T Chia Seeds 1T Flax Seeds (ground) 1t Pumpkin Spice 1t Ginger (ground) 1t Cinnamon (ground) In large mixing bowl mix all ingredients until thoroghlu combined. Mixture should me thick and sticky. Form 1oz balls in the pal of your hand set aside on to lined tray. For storage store in a ar locked container. Enjoy!

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